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UDK, Mapping problem

Hello everyone!

I come to write to you for help because the forum of Epic Games is late to answer my question. It is painful that a moderator refuses (perhaps) to publish my message. They made me the same shot on ZbrushCentral. I come back to the good old francophone forums, it says! ^^

Anyway, here's my concern. I am in the process of participating in the creation of a database of Static meshes for the UDK, and I have a major concern of displaying maps on my models. It starts with the Material Editor:

As you can see, the result is Hyper rasterized, even on the preview cube. For the normal map, I rêglé the import parameter on TC_NormalMap, no worries.

When I look at my maps in Photoshop, they look pretty good. So the problem does not seem to come from them.

This is basically the type of result I want to get. This is a screenshot taken in the Toolbag Marmoset to test the maps before final export in. Esa

Anyway, here's ^^ if anyone has any idea what might cause the problem, I'm all ears. I've really tried everything and I'm getting a little stuck here.

Thank you very much!