1. AlexTD

    Généraliste HOW TO start scripting and programming TODAY

    MINDSET - TD Monday The follow-up to the video to the mindset of what you should do when you want to start scripting and programming. We talk about excuses since a lot of times they are the reasons that hold you don't and don't allow you to start. After that, we look into languages in Visual...
  2. AlexTD

    Généraliste Scripting for Artists

    TUTORIAL - Scripting for Artists An introduction to the basics of scripting as an artist in animation and VFX. Talking about Python, PySide, and API while asking the main question: "What does it do? And how can I modify it?" And check out also: Maya, 3ds Max, Nuke, Python ...
  3. AlexTD

    Autres PLEX (Open Source Pipeline) for Visual Effects, Animation and Games

    TUTORIAL - Plex (Open Source Pipeline) Plex is Visual Effects, Animation and Games pipeline managing important workflows during production. Its core is a flexible and independent system for small to mid-sized projects and companies. The basic idea is to handle the file and folder structure...
  4. AlexTD

    Compositing Scripting for Artists in Nuke

    TUTORIAL - Scripting for Artists An introduction to the scripting basics in Nuke with TCL and Python. Using node expressions, the script editor, and external python files.
  5. AlexTD

    Melscript Scripting for Artists in Maya

    TUTORIAL - Scripting for Artists An introduction to the scripting basics in Maya with MEL and Python. We compare both languages and how to work with the script editor, the echo commands, create shelves and import external files.
  6. AlexTD

    Généraliste NEW Channel for Visual Effects, Animation and Games

    CHANNEL TRAILER This new/old but with new makeup channel talks about how to be part of the film and games industry in visual effects, animation, and games. How to set up your mind in TD Monday to be prepared to become an artist or technical director/artist. To promote yourself and get your...
  7. AlexTD

    Généraliste How to learn scripting and programming FAST

    Learning how to script is a sprint, not a run. It takes time and practice like every skill. A lot of people see the benefits of scripting but lose interest in it because they didn't set up their minds properly to achieve something new. The goal is more important than your talent.